the FOREVER Package



The FOREVER Package is perfect for couples who want it all! This is the ultimate package, giving you the time it takes to completely invest in your upcoming marriage, and focus on building strong relationship skills that will last a lifetime!

You receive (5) customized & private premarital counseling sessions, along with your Prepare/Enrich online inventory, and customized Couples Report.

Topics often discussed include Communication, Conflict Resolution, Sex & Intimacy, Finances, and Marriage Goals & Expectations.

You also receive a $25 discount on future counseling sessions, plus $75 off your MN marriage license!

All premarital packages are suitable for dating, engaged, and same-sex couples.



- (5) 50-minute, personalized premarital counseling sessions via Skype or FaceTime.

- A $25 discount on future counseling sessions, up to your 1st wedding anniversary.

- The Prepare/Enrich online premarital counseling inventory.

- Your customized Strengths + Growths Couples Report.

- $75 discount on your MN marriage license. (Discount may apply in other states, please inquire.)